Peek-a-Zoo Underwater

Play Peekaboo in the Sea

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Audience: 9 months – 3 years

With the first Peek-a-Zoo, we brought you a roaring lion, a hungry hippo, a proud peacock and many other animals. With Peek-a-Zoo Underwater, we’ve created a whole new set of charming sea animals, that will allow your child to discover and interact with these magnificent creatures of the ocean.

Watch your child snap to the beat with feisty crabs, blow bubbles with a blue whale, or toot their horn like a clown fish – these and other charming Peek-a-Zoo animals will teach your child animal names and sounds in a memorable way.

Designed for toddlers and preschoolers, Peek-a-Zoo combines the perennial young child’s favorite game of Peekaboo with another perennial favorite, visiting the zoo.

What separates Peek-a-Zoo from the pack of animal name and sound apps are the beautiful illustrations and the surprise element of animals hidden from immediate view, just as real animals often are in the zoo or in nature. With a simple tap of the screen, animals will emerge into view with an exciting ‘pop’. Your child will roar like the lion that springs up from the savannah grass or caw like the toucans that fly into a rainforest scene.

Work with your child to learn the names and sounds of each animal they discover. Or let them play by themselves and make their own discovery.

Peek-a-Zoo Features:

  • Kid-friendly interface – simply touch the screen to reveal the animals. Even children under 1 can enjoy the fun.
  • A friendly child’s voice announces the name of each animal in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
  • Modern graphics – appealing to children and parents
  • A fully-designed experience – rich visuals
  • Support for Retina iPad and iPhone
  • Fresh soundtrack with authentic animal, narrative and whimsical sounds
  • 2 modes of play, Peek-a-Zoo allows your child to choose their own route through the zoo and visit one or all of the 15 animals at their own pace or to take a guided tour that showcases all of the animals one by one.


We care! This app DOES NOT feature in-app purchases or links to social media. Just animals – lots of ’em!

Peek-a-Zoo Preview

Peek-a-Zoo Soundtrack

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