Hi there! I’m *treebetty.

I’m a mom who creates apps for kids.

My focus: simplicity, design, and delight.​

Treebetty’s apps have been featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy and Best Apps for Kids 5 & Under section of the App Store. The popular ‘Peek-a-Zoo’ series first debuted in the App Store in 2011 and was quickly followed by the ‘Infant Zoo Series’. Ten years later, they’re still being enjoyed by infants and toddlers around the world. Their continued popularity is testament to their timeless design and illustration.
Treebetty was originally founded in 2003 as a graphic design studio by designer Jenny Talavera. With the advent of the iPhone five years later, along with the birth of her son, treebetty’s focus shifted to designing and creating apps for babies and toddlers. She believes kids deserve apps with great design and delightful content. As a parent herself, Jenny also believes parents deserve apps that are free of annoying sounds.

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From an App Journey

What’s a ‘treebetty’?

Without fail, one of the first questions I get when I give someone my business card or email address is “What’s treebetty?”

From Mom to App Developer

Another question people always ask me is “How did you start making apps? Aren’t you a graphic designer?!”

Feedback is Gold

As an indie app developer, thoughts and feedback from children (and librarians!) are like gold–precious, sometimes hard to come by, and something you can never have enough of.